Turning data into journalism

Last Wednesday I went to the Frontline Club in London to attend an event called ‘Data skills and techniques for journalists’. Datajournalism is pretty far from what I’m used to doing as an arts writer, but nevertheless, I found most of the presentations fascinating. Here’s an interesting article about how to turn “one hell of a spreadsheet” into journalism by Simon Rogers, editor of the Guardian’s Datablog. Simon played a key role in turning some of the 90,000 documents now known as the Wikileaks’ Afganistan War Logs into graphics and interactive charts.


About Johanna Vehkoo

Journo, speaker, fact-checker. Formerly Visiting Scholar at Wilson Center, Washington DC, and Fellow at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, Oxford University. Wrote a book about the future of quality journalism. Founder of award-winning startup Long Play. Blogs in both Finnish and English.
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