What Experts Have to Say about the Rise of Political Fact-Checking

Listen to almost two hours of captivating discussion about political fact-checking! No, really. It’s only one hour and 50 minutes, including the audience Q&A, and I promise you it was a very good discussion – these people are top experts in the subject.

This is the audio recording of the panel discussion I hosted at the Wilson Center on 15th of April, 2015.

The panelists at ‘Who’s Afraid of the Fact-Checker’ were:

Angie Drobnic Holan – editor of PolitiFact. (Apart from the great work of PolitiFact, Angie also knows a lot about fact-checking as an emerging global movement. She works with PolitiFact founder Bill Adair, who keeps track of new fact-checking websites at Duke University.)

Glenn Kessler – the Fact Checker at the Washington Post. (Glenn publishes a fact check every day online and once a week in print. He is famous for giving Pinocchios to liars.)

Jane Elizabeth – Senior research project manager of the Fact-Checking Project at the American Press Institute. (Soon after this discussion, the API started publishing research papers on political fact-checking. Check them out.)

Mark Stencel – journalist, researcher. (Mark wrote a paper for the API about the ‘weaponization of fact-checking’. You should also read his piece on Politico.)

Photos of the panel were taken by the Wilson Center’s Global Europe Program’s invaluable Emily Buss.


About Johanna Vehkoo

Journo, speaker, fact-checker. Formerly Visiting Scholar at Wilson Center, Washington DC, and Fellow at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, Oxford University. Wrote a book about the future of quality journalism. Founder of award-winning startup Long Play. Blogs in both Finnish and English.
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