My new book is comics journalism about online misogyny. Read an extract in English.

The Internet of Hate and Loathing (Vihan ja inhon internet, Kosmos 2017) is a book of comics journalism about online misogyny, a phenomenon that threatens our democracy. Hate speech is often justified with freedom of speech, but in fact it is silencing the voices of women and minorities. We are in danger of losing these voices from public debate as many now censor themselves in fear of hateful messages and other, even more disturbing forms of harassment.

The book is written by me and illustrated by the very talented artist Emmi Nieminen. It was published in Finnish in October 2017 and has received excellent reviews, I’m happy to say. Currently the book is shortlisted for the Comics Finlandia prize.

Obviously, the book is in impenetrable Finnish, but you can take a peek by reading an extract translated by yours truly, published in the new Sex & Gender issue of Drawing the Times. You’ll find two stories from the beginning of our book here.

The book is 147 pages long and consists of four parts. It begins with true stories of women who have been targeted solely due to expressing their opinion online, or because of their work as academics, journalists, aid workers, and politicians. The second part looks into what academic research tells us about online hate. Next, we look at the haters and trolls and their motives. The book concludes with a very practical approach into solving the problem: how the targets can protect themselves and how we can all help.


Read an English extract:


vihan ja inhon internet kansi some


About Johanna Vehkoo

Journo, speaker, fact-checker. Formerly Visiting Scholar at Wilson Center, Washington DC, and Fellow at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, Oxford University. Wrote a book about the future of quality journalism. Founder of award-winning startup Long Play. Blogs in both Finnish and English.
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