About: Johanna Vehkoo

In Brief: Finnish journalist mostly based in Helsinki, travels a lot. Founder of Long Play, publisher of longform journalism as singles. Co-founder of Hacks/Hackers Helsinki. Speaker and consultant in all things future-of-journalism. Formerly a fellow at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, Oxford University. Occasional researcher. Fact-checker: Valheenpaljastaja.

For the first half of 2015 I was a visiting scholar at the Wilson Center in Washington D.C., working on a research project about methods of fact-checking and new digital tools for verification of online content. Just published my second book, a work of reportage about the post-industrial world.

Less briefly: I wrote the first Finnish popular book about the future of my trade. Stop the Press! Tales from the era of new journalism was published by Teos in September 2011. (The Finnish title is Painokoneet seis! Kertomuksia uuden journalismin ajasta.) The book is also available as an e-book from several webstores. Unfortunately, it’s mostly still current as not that many things have changed.

I write a biweekly column about fact and fiction in the news and social media for the Finnish public broadcaster Yle. It’s called ‘Valheenpaljastaja’ (‘Lie Detector’). The Association for Investigative Journalists gave me an award for this in 2016.

I spent two years as a Fellow at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, Oxford University. Since then I’ve been involved in this research project on business models of journalistic start-ups and have founded my own startup. Long Play won a big news innovation prize, Uutisraivaaja, in November 2013.

For Long Play, I have written the bestselling single (together with Anu Silfverberg) Himasen etiikka – which started a political scandal that lasted for the best part of 2013 (so called ‘Himasgate’) – and a feature about Pyramiden, a Soviet ghost town in Svalbard.

You can find some of my stories and a few reviews of my first book on Clippings.me.

I worked as literary editor for the Finnish daily newspaper Aamulehti since 2003 until June 2009. Then I went to Oxford, spent two years thinking about the future of journalism, and quit my newspaper job.

If you’re interested in the murky topic of quality in journalism, do download my paper ‘What Is Quality Journalism and How It Can Be Saved’. This is the research paper I wrote as a Journalist Fellow in the academic year 2009–2010 for the Reuters Institute. I stayed at the institute for a second academic year as a Visiting Fellow. My second Reuters Institute paper is called ‘Crowdsourcing in Investigative Journalism’.

You can hire me to write a good story, give a talk or a practical workshop about journalism or consult your news organisation. I especially enjoy teaching and talking about fact-checking and digital journalism. I’ve held workshops for several Finnish media organisations and the International Journalism Festival in Perugia, among others.

I also like to DJ. Here’s some music I like to play.

Brief in Finnish: Olen kirjoittanut kirjan journalismin tulevaisuudesta ja tutkinut laatujournalismin käsitettä, journalistisia startupeja sekä joukkoistamista tutkivassa journalismissa. Vuoden 2015 alkupuoliskon tein tutkimusta faktantarkistuksen teoriasta ja käytännön työkaluista Wilson Centerissä Washington DC:ssä. Kirjoitan valemedioista ja verkkohuijauksista Valheenpaljastaja-nimistä juttusarjaa Ylelle.

Sain Valheenpaljastajasta Tutkivan journalismin yhdistyksen Jääraappa-palkinnon keväällä 2016.

Toinen kirjani Autiopaikoilla – Tutkimusmatkoja tulevaisuuden raunioille (Teos, 2016) kertoo teollisen ajan päättymisestä länsimaissa. Se on mukaansa tempaava reportaasikirja, jonka sivuilla vien sinut todella outoihin ja kiinnostaviin paikkoihin. Lue itse!

Olen muuten myös Julkisen sanan neuvoston jäsen.

Lisäksi olen yksi hitaan journalismin palvelun Long Playn perustajista ja sen ensimmäinen päätoimittaja. Long Playlle olen kirjoittanut Himasen etiikan ja Matkailijan Neuvostoliiton.

Koulutan toimittajia faktantarkistuksessa, vedän Hacks/Hackers-tapaamisia Helsingissä ja toimin johtajana Feministisessä ajatushautomo Hatussa.

Pidän mieluusti luentoja ja kursseja toimittajille ja alan opiskelijoille. Puhun mistä tahansa journalismin tulevaisuuteen liittyvästä, kuten verkon faktantarkistuksesta, joukkoistamisesta tai robottijournalismista. Ota yhteyttä!

Contact: painokoneetseis(ät)gmail.com / johanna(ät)longplay.fi


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  1. Mike Butcher says:

    Found you! (And your “music” link doesn’t work, to my disappointment. You’ve put an additional http:// in the address.)

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